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The flower beds of Don and Pat Swink

Thomasville, North Carolina

     Any warm day, spring, summer, or fall, you may catch a glimpse of lifelong Thomasville, NC resident, Pat Swink, traipsing through the local garden centers' crowded aisles of brightly colored blooms, her head down, fingers eagerly plucking the informative plastic picks, then replacing them, as she searches for the perfect plant for the perfect spot in her home flower beds.

Red Europeana Climbing Rose
Europeana ~ Climbing Roses

How it all started

     Now a grandmother, Pat remembers back to her childhood at this same address and similar climbing roses to the one pictured above.  She and her twin sister, Pam, enjoyed picking at and sniffing the red buds, and their mama made many photos in front of the favored vines.  In addition to roses, there were also chrysanthemums during fall, black-eyed Susans and rooster combs during summer, and during spring the shocking pink and the dazzling white azalea bushes that bloomed in unison with the white flowering dogwoods.  White candytuft bloomed under and around the feet of the azaleas, making springtime a particularly beautiful time to be outside in the yard. 

     The Grancy graybeard trees Pat's mom, Leora Deese, planted still stand, as do the evergreen redtips that lend a red and green background at the back width of the lot.  Leora had also started a pink crepe myrtle that now spawns plenty of offspring, and they have been transplanted to line a fence along the left side of the backyard and the left side of the concrete driveway out front.  Evergreen pine trees Pat's dad, Mickey Deese, planted as 4 inch bareroot seedlings now tower at 40 feet in the air.

     There are also the spring daffodils that Pat's mom, on hands and knees, had placed in hand-trowel dug holes in scattered patterns, and that have multiplied many times over and still bloom every spring.  You could say spring was Ms. Deese's favorite flowering season, but she always said fall was her favorite time of year for the colorful scarlet, orange, and gold autumn leaves against the brilliant Carolina blue sky.

Enjoy this virtual tour through Pat's gardens

     The home gardens' appearances change yearly and even seasonally as Don & Pat add new plants in, take out plants not doing too good, and the perennials come in and out of bloom.  Check back now and then to see what's happening!

Pam & Pat discover flowers
Pam & Pat discover flowers.
The red climbing roses, no longer there, at the homeplace where Pat resides once again.

Pat Swink
Pat Swink

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